Mari Lynch

Account Executive

One in the Navy, one at UCF, and here I am!

Thanks for stopping by my new &Barr blog. I’m the proud mom of twin boys, and like any other proud mom I’d rather talk about them than me. One of my sons just shipped off to the Navy and is loving life (lol) in boot camp at Great Lakes Naval base. That has me focused on all things Navy so I wanted share these pictures of the USS New York. It’s the newest in a class of warships designed for special missions against terrorists. It was built with 24 tons of steel from the World Trade Center. (Notice the twin towers on top.) I can’t imagine my baby boy traveling around the world on one of these, but if he does, I’ll certainly be a proud Mama!

My other son is a freshman at UCF studying computer programming with an eye toward getting his masters in game design. I’m gung ho for that career path as well. Since I’ve spent much of my career crafting marketing plans for tech products, I speak “engineer”.

Me? I’m an ever-changing, ever-growing, always-learning marketing maven passionate about creating great brands, strategies and deliverables for all of  &Barr’s clients. 


About Mari

Hi! You've found my page on the new &Barr site. I haven't had a chance to write about myself yet or fill my page with cat videos and baby weasels riding bird photos. But I will. You don't want to miss the epic story that is my life. Or the latest Internet meme. Until then, go ahead and check out the rest of our new site. And read about our evolved agency brand. It's been 58 years in the making.